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Fixed some stuff and new drawing!

So all of the image link on the "NSFW Drawings" page were all broken, so i just fixed them and it is all as it should be :)

Also I added a new drawing! 😀
You can check out the original-sized version by clicking the picture.

I thought your butt looked so cute... so I flew into it <3


New page

I just added a new page that are for my drawings that are of a more "adult" orientation.
The page and the drawings therein are for adults only and I cannot be held responsible for anyone that are not of legal age in their respective countries who happens upon the page and it's contents!


Things and thingies!

First off, I've ordered a new bed! Yay! 😀
Secondly, I've got a new computer, though using the term "new" quite loosely...
Quite a few problems with it; The graphics card doesn't work properly, the monitor will go black for a second, then comes back and then a message pops up that says that there was a problem with the graphics drivers and that they have been restored, no matter what drivers I use I still get this problem. It is an ATI Radeon 4650 HD 1GB graphics card, now I read in a forum somewhere that these cards have a tendency to overheat, which only serves to make me even more irritated.
Another problem is the processor, it is a 2.8Ghz cpu but even just running a flash video takes 50% of the processing power.
AND I only have 2GB of RAM installed...

So, even though I now have a working computer, "working" as in "it actually starts up", I can't play any games that uses any kind of 3D if I don't wan't the graphics drivers to keep crashing every 10 minutes...


First concert ever!

So I've been listening to a band called Mindless Self Indulgence for a while now and I got curious to see what their official site looked like and I saw that they were gonna come to Sweden this November! I am definitely going to go if I get my money before then!


New track

I have added a new track on my "Music" page, check it out!



So I've started a project of my own, a webcomic! *gasp!*

It's a comic I used to draw as a child and I remembered it when I was trying to figure out what kind of webcomic I wanted to do.

It's a slime :O


Chronicle – Awesome movie :D

I just watched two movies; Underworld: Awakening and Chronicle. After Underworld (which was a disapointment compared to the first movie and the prequal) I was tired and ready for bed but now I'm wide awake, either the movie is truly that good... or it's just the sugar high that's talking 😛
But anyways... anyone that has an interest in movies involving super powers should watch this one, I haven't seen a film with such great character development in a while, though I can't think of any other one right now.

Watch it, click the image to see the trailer!


Several things and other…

So I'm sitting here bored out of my mind, trying to entertain myself by watching Spoony and Armake21, decided to check if someone had visited the blog and posted a comment. What do I see? Spam, loads and loads of spam, frankly I'm feeling pissed, maybe it's becauseI haven't been able to eat properly these past days (see my latest journal entry on my DeviantArt profile) or if I'm feeling this way because of pure boredom. Now, the comments themselves don't show on the page for some reason, maybe it's something the admin did, but I can still see that they were indeed posted and I can see the account name of said poster and one of them is ... "dukan diet review" ... Now that's precious, y'know what, maybe I should look into that maybe finally get rid of this massive gut that I have, hehehe. But, seriously though, I am overweight but obese people would laugh at me if I told them that, "You call that being overweight? Look at me I'm 3 times the size as you so I don't think you have anything to come with, overweight my ass..."


Maybe I should just start up some project just to give me something to do and blow off some steam, maybe a video or finally starting up a webcomic. I've actually had the idea to start a webcomic for a while now but the problem is; I don't have the faintest idea what to make it about and it is SO frustrating, but you can't force creativity, at least not me, it has to come naturally, a spur-of-the-moment kind of a deal.

God I could really go for a hamburger right now... Or some mashed potatoes...


Decorashunz :P

So I was sitting at the computer as usual and then looked at my walls and came to the conclusion that they look ... bare. So I decided hang some of my drawings on the walls 😀
The clock is also made by me btw :3


Studying is boring…

Sitting on one of the school's library computers studying on the topic of "lakes", specifically lakes in the area of south-western sweden. Is booooooored...